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Limpet Duct Mount Launch


Limpet Duct Mount; First Proprietry vertical duct system.

LIMPET is here to stay
Acoustica have developed and patented the first proprietary duct Mount system allowing for standardised robust duct installations. Named THE LIMPET the system comprises two part bracketing system for easy, tested and guaranteed vertical duct installations. To the building services and engineering trades, this products is causing those “Why does it not already exist” reactions, particularly amongst those who have scratched their head looking at a wall and a length of duct. 
The idea came from observing difficulties encountered and then pondering solutions. The system includes eight size variants for circular ducting and three variants for rectangular ducting. They are available now through ventilation stockists across the country. They have a rated load far in excess of the normal duct mass so you can buy and fit with ultimate ease and confidence. Watch videos here:-




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