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Acoustica has always manufactured our own products and this has led to a diverse and specialist manufacturing expertise using the latest CAD CAM and MRP Material Resource Planning systems to manage internal processes including Unmanned CNC punching, CNC metal spinning, CNC folding and welding. 












All components are manufactured in our 30,000 sq ft factory using computer numerically controlled equipment ensuring that the legendary quality of the product is “designed in” and not subject to human error during assembly. The manufacturing operations of Acoustica are managed to ISO9001 quality standards. Input from the production and assembly teams is achieved with the institution of supervisor, quality and health & safety committees.











Fully Welded Tunnel Jet Fan Silencer c/w Bellmouth


Our Manufacturing equipment includes:-

Pullmax 5000 Autoload
Fully Indexed CNC auto Load/Unload punch press, 20 tonne x 2500 x 1250 prior to reposition, suitable for lights out operation.

Pullmax 126 Autoload
Fully Indexed CNC auto Load/Unload punch press, 20 tonne x 2500 x 1250 prior to reposition, suitable for lights out operation.

CNC 8 axis press brake, 100 tonne x 3000.

Edwards Pearson
PR6 4 axis press brake 100 tonne x 3000. 

700mm PNC106 metal spinning lathe.

700mm PNC350 metal spinning lathe.

1800mm Metal Spinning Lathe

Three further metal spinning lathes 400mm to 900mm

Various Mig welders

TIG and Arc Welder

Bending Rolls
Four bending rolls powered and manual upto 2000mm long.

Belt fed hydraulic auto pierce solid rivet system

Duct zipper automatic seaming machine

Drilling, Flanging, auto load riveters etc







One of our twin Auto load / unload Pullmax Punching Machines


Our employees are constantly trained and each has a development/training plan, which is how we can boast an extremely high staff retention rate. The widespread use of internally developed bespoke parametric processing software has facilitated the fastest delivery lead times in the industry, evidenced recently when we received a call from a Dutch contractor who opened a phone call with “we have been told you are the only people in the UK that can help us”. (the enquiry resulted in a complex acoustic louvre screen being designed, manufactured and installed within four days).   









Fully Welded 316 Stainless steel Silencer
























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